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Ambition Unlimited Winter Session 1, Saturday, October 19th @ East Coast Varsity Arena 800am to 900am


Footwork and Fundamentals Session, Saturday, October 26th,@ East Coast Varsity, 800am to 900am 



Weekly Summer Session, Saturday, June 22nd,@ Cole Harbour Place, 900am to 1000am 


Weekly Summer Session, Saturday, June 29th,@ Cole Harbour Place, 100pm to 200pm 

Ambition Unlimited Spring Session 6, Sunday, May 26th @ East Coast Varsity Arena 800am to 900am

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Goalie Quote of the Week

A warrior is worthless unless he rises above others and stands strong in the midst of a storm." 

-Yamamoto Tsunetomo



Todd Bengert-Director

Todd Bengert is the director and head instructor for Upper Echelon Goaltending.. While originally from PEI, he has lived throughout Canada and many different places in the world constantly staying in contact with hockey. He has an extensive background playing hockey and has played goal in both ice and roller hockey for many years at a competitive level in both Canada and Asia. He constantly tries to hone his own game in senior leagues throughout the Halifax, following the creedo to "practice what he preaches".

Coaching Background

Coach Bengert has coached as a head and assistant coach for both minor and senior hockey teams since 1992. He has recently devoted himself to his real passion of goalie coaching and is head of goalie development for the Eastern Shore Minor Hockey Association and Maritime Hockey Academy. In addition, he has performed all the goalie development sessions for Cole Harbour Bel Ayr and Dartmouth Whalers Minor Hockey Associations.  He also continues to advise and work with more than 40 teams across the city from Novice to High School in addition to working with other professional goalie coaching programs: FinnGoalie in Bedford, Breakaway Goaltending in Truro, and Mercer Goaltending in Ottawa and Cape Breton.

Every year, Coach Bengert spends over 1500 hours on the ice working with more than 300 goalies.

He is currently certified as a Future Pro Instructor.

Goaltending Philosophy

Coach Bengert holds the philosophy that goaltending in hockey is really a game within a game and it is constantly evolving on a season by season basis. He takes the idea that one must be a student before one becomes a teacher. By monitoring developments in the highest level of the game and latest teaching techniques, Coach Bengert hope to deliver modern and progressive goalie programs to MHA's goalie students. He is very concerned about the trend to "cookie-cutter" goaltending programs where goalies are made to fit a mold that may not be optimal. While these programs may be very expedient for the coaches, in the end it may be detrimental to the individual goalie.

The most important piece of goaltending philosophy that Coach Bengert tries to relay to both his students and their coaches is "the goalie's job is NOT to stop pucks; it is to PREVENT goals."

Roman Bengert: Senior Instructor

Roman has been coaching goalies since the age of 11 as a first-year pee-wee in the Cole Harbour MHA.  He has consistently been involved in individual and group sessions with a strong focus on skating skills, something in which he takes great pride.  His eye for details in the technical aspects of the position are remarkable and he can pick up the minutest error of any goalie during a game or during drill execution.

He currently is affiliated with Cole Harbour Wolfpack Major Midget Hockey Club.  He was the Atlantic Challenge Cup game-winning goalie for the HNS U-14 team and affiliated with both the U15 and U16 team in the following years.