Upcoming Events


Summer Skills Camp, Monday to Friday, August 5th to 9th,@ Cole Harbour Place, 800am to 400pm 



Weekly Summer Session, Saturday, June 22nd,@ Cole Harbour Place, 900am to 1000am 


Weekly Summer Session, Saturday, June 29th,@ Cole Harbour Place, 100pm to 200pm 

Ambition Unlimited Spring Session 6, Sunday, May 26th @ East Coast Varsity Arena 800am to 900am

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Goalie Quote of the Week

A warrior is worthless unless he rises above others and stands strong in the midst of a storm." 

-Yamamoto Tsunetomo


Ambition Unlimited

Goalies should only be limited by their ambition!

Ambition Unlimited is a new program initiated by Upper Echelon Goaltending with the objective to give as many minor hockey and ringette goalies to obtain extra goalie-specific training in the most affordable way possible.  Ambition Unlimited is a full hour of group goalie training with cost set at $20 per session.  The sessions are to be used as a supplement to the goalies' team and association goalie development programs and all sessions will have experienced goalie coaches on the ice providing extra guidance throughout the sessions.

Registration is on a first-come/first-serve basis.  The sessions fill up quickly and typically will have a waiting list within several days of announcing the dates.  UE Goaltending, in effort to provide training to younger and house league goaltenders, will prioritize the WAITING LIST to give preference to children in those programs.  The session at this time are only open to IP and Novice level hockey participants.  For ringette, the program is open to U10 participants.

New and inexperienced goaltenders who are trying the position for the first time are highly encourage to use these sessions to get a firm grounding in the fundamentals of the position.  The program for the Ambition Unlimited sessions are based on UE Goaltendings Footwork and Fundamentals series of drills.  The drills strive to give the goalies multiple drills that focus on movement and positioning with a high amount of shot repetition. 

These sessions will also form the basis for helping train new and volunteer goalie coaches who are looking to learn foundational coaching system.  We currently are in discussions to hopefully offer these session in combination with a classroom seminars as Hockey Canada's Level 1 Goaltending Coach Certification program. 

  1.  April 7th, Sunday 800am - 900am @ East Coast Varsity Arena
  2.  April 21st, Sunday 800am - 900am @ East Coast Varsity Arena
  3.  April 28th, Sunday 930am - 1030am @ East Coast Varsity Arena
  4.  May 5th, Sunday 800am - 900am @ East Coast Varsity Arena
  5.  May 12th, Sunday 800am - 900am @ East Coast Varsity Arena
  6.  May 26th, Sunday 800am - 900am @ East Coast Varsity Arena