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Pats and Congrats: DWMHA Midget AA Girls Win Gold at SEDMHA

UE Motto: Be a Warrior!It seems odd to be talking about SEDMHA in December, but the SEDMHA organizers have moved the female division's tournament to the part way through the 2014-15 season.  I think it is a great idea and due to the shortage of rinks in Dartmouth, the entire tournament was held in the BMO Center in Bedford. 

Even though many of my female teams were not playing in their natural "home" rinks, the girls at all age categories performed at the highest level and help net Dartmouth/Cole Harbour associations a neck-full of hardware.

My first shout out goes to a couple of young ladies that have been workhorses for their associations for years: Dana Melanson of the Whalers and CPA, and Nicole Lowe of the Wings and Auburn High.  Both girls play a ton of games for their high school teams and have shared duties with the Midget AA girls over the last two years.

They continue to reap the results of hard work and they netted themselves another gold medal for the trophy case by winning it all at their home tournament, the SEDMHA Honda for 2014.  Not much more to say and I'll let the numbers speak for themselves.  Even though both girls are coming off long injuries, they totally nailed it by allowing only four goals against in four games, and even pitching back-to-back shutouts in the semi-finals and finals.  

I couldn't be prouder of these two tendies.  They're both dedicated to the craft!

Gentle smiles with eyes as hard as coffin nails!


Pats and Congrats: Dartmouth Whalers Atom B at PEI Southside Lynx 2014 Invitational

One of the earlier tournament results of 2014 that I have to mention on the blog is the terrific result of the Dartmouth Whalers Atom B team in P.E.I.  The boys took home gold in a strong effort where both the goalies excelled.

Gavin Fitzgerald (1st year atom) and Connor MacMillan (2nd year) put together a 5-0 record, all the while shoe-horning the tournament with some great Central Minor Hockey game results.

A well-earned tournament victory!!

Gavin is deep into his 2nd year of goaltending and has come along beyond my high expectations.  He continues to work hard and show his passion for the game.  So much so, that he even took on the added burden of playing goal for one of the local ringette teams.  He may be one of the few goalies that is on the ice more than I am!!

Connor was a new goalie to me.  I had a couple chances to work with him last year in the well-attended Whaler goalie developments sessions, but I didn't have much one-on-one time with him.  This year, working with the Atom B team of the Whalers, has given me a lot of opportunities to work with this great little netminder.  He has a great attitude and work ethic.  In addition, while he is still picking up the fundamentals required of modern goaltending, he has so much natural raw ability and desire, I know that he will continue to skyrocket in "goalie skill".  

Both boys have become a great tandem and terrific friends which goes to show you how important and rewarding a strong goalie partnership is.  It's been a pleasure working with them and I hope we have many years of development together!!

Congrats to two "Monster Goalies!"



Pats and Congrats: Dartmouth Whalers Pee Wee AA at Truro KFC Tournament

UE Motto: Be a Warrior!!Well, things have been very busy and there are so many updates to do for the blog.

I thought I would start off the new year with a bang and highlight the rock-solid performance of the Dartmouth Whalers Pee Wee AA team and their two nifty tenders: Joseph Chambers and Christopher Janson.

Both goalies performed with mid-season form to deliver a 4-0 tourney.  This tournament was highlighted by an 8-0 victory in the finals over the Pictou County Crushers.  The teams played earlier in the day to a close 2-1 game.

Joe and Chris are coming along strongly for their team and are starting to show consistency and big-game ability.  Joe is a first year pee wee-aged player, so he is using his time at this level to develop and grow as a goaltender.  Chris is playing rep hockey for the first time in is life and has made the adjustment to the added games, pressure, and demands of high-level practice remarkably well.  He has not missed a beat.  Both goalies will be long-term backstopping contributors to their association for seasons to come.

Great work goalies! And great work team and staff!!

 All smiles for a great year end win!!



Goalie Feature: Update on Martin Chandonnet

Upper Echelon Motto: Be a Warrior!I was really happy this morning to get another update from our ex-Dartmouth Whaler goalie, Martin Chandonnet, who made the move to Ottawa, Ontario.

For the previous update from Martin and his family, you can check out my earlier blog entry on his accomplishments in the nation's capital with this article:  Martin Chandonnet: From Dartmouth to Ottawa.

It appears things have continued to progress very nicely for Martin.  After a spring and summer of hard work, Martin has reached his short-term goal of playing on his local association's Atom Major "AA" team.  The process is very different than how things are done in Nova Scotia, as players get identified on a tryout list in early summer.  The teams at the highest rep levels are assembled and ready to go in late August.

Anyways with such an early and accelerated selection process, Martin's team has already played three (!) weekend tournaments.  That would probably give the teams in Ottawa about a 12-15 game headstart on our teams here come late September.  Crazy!  

Martin's team has fired itself right out of the starting gate.  Losing one tournament in Kanata, and then winning the next two in Toronto and Cornwall.  That is a terrific start.  I hope Martin and his team continue to have great success.  I know with goalie like Martin, good things are bound to happen.

Martin and the Cumberland Grads glow with pride!


Pats and Congrats: DWMHA Winner of "Fair Play Player of Year" Award

I missed this newsworthy item from one of my local minor hockey associations, so I wanted to make sure that one of our young goalies from Dartmouth was properly recognized for his accomplishment.


Cole Bunge, a young and up-and-coming goalie for the Whalers Minor Hockey Association won the "Fair Play Player of the Year" Award.  What I really feel this award shows is how even a goaltender can take on the role of a team's leader.  Often the image of a goalie is an athlete who is seperate from his team, whether by choice or by design.  Many who take on the role of a goalie are excused for not exactly "fitting-in" with their team.  Cole has demonstrated that the goalie can be a positive and influential leader for their teammates.  I hope to have more goalies inspired by these awards to step up and out of the shadows to grab the reins of leadership.

The award itself was an admirable recognition for players (and goalies) that exhibit the following criteria:

  • Consistent positive attitude
  • Supportive to teammates
  • Strives to improve
  • Behaviour consistent with Fair Play principles
Cole, who played on the Atom A Whalers, was selected by the Whalers Executive Board as the 2012-13 winner for Atom Rep. Attached is a photo of him being presented with the award by Whalers Atom VP Paul Hollingsworth.
Way to go Cole and I look forward to seeing what you can accomplish in the future season!!