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Goalie Quote of the Week

A warrior is worthless unless he rises above others and stands strong in the midst of a storm." 

-Yamamoto Tsunetomo


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Pats and Congrats: CHBA Wings Atom A Win Amherst Bluenose Tournament

UE Motto: Be a Warrior!It seems like I can't keep up with the accomplishments of our teams, as I get tournament highlights into my inbox every week.

Here is a great little story of two 'tenders that delivered the goods for their team at the Amherst Bluenose Tournament.  Jack Howie, second-year Atom vet, and his goalie partner Rylan Schneiderman, a first-year up-and-coming rookie.

The kids had a tough time securing a spot to the elimination round, but an outstanding effort by Jack Howie to tie, 2-2 gave the Atom A's the needed pointed to secure a spot in the finals.

Rylan came out calm and collected to beat Sackville, NB's team 7-0 to win the gold.

Both boys are continuing to perform well throughout the regular season.  Jack is a solid goalie with amazing fundamentals.  Smaller in stature than most, he understands the game and knows what he has to do to play "big".  Rylan is a dynamic and aggressive goalie.  With gymnastic-like flexibility and "in-your-face" goaltending style, he knows how to mix it up to keep the opposition shooters guessing.

Way go, coaches and crew!!

Atom A Wings survive and then strive in the Jungle!!


Boston's Pocket Goalie: Khudobin with a Great Glove


After Enroth, it is nice to see a "pocket goalie" making his mark in the NHL.  Anton Khudobin, who is generously listed as 5 ft. 10in., is giving Boston some solid backing up of Finn phenom, Tuukka Rask.  Source: Wikipedia Creative CommonsHis small size combined with amazing footwork makes Khudobin an entertaining goalie to watch.  I think he even has better feet than Tim Thomas did, and he knows when he can commit heavily on a shot to maximize his depth and physical real estate.  Keep an eye on this kid.

Anyways, here is a good highlight sequence that looks like a very basic drill (see: As Easy As ABC drill in the downloads).  Khudobin has to play a quick pass out from below the line into the very high slot which is the prime scoring area.  Notice the interesting choice that he makes.  He doesn't push and set on the shot.  He also doesn't commit to a butterfly slide out to the top of the crease which is what you would see many modern goalies make.  Well aware of his body size, Khudobin pushes hard out and drifts on his edges rather than sliding on his knees.  Going down early for him off the post would have definitely opened up too much upper net for an NHL shooter.  He reads the height of the shot before allowing his knees to collapse.

To top it all off, he makes a great reaction save without planted feet which is not easy to do.  While his reactions are probably extremely well honed being a small-framed goalie, the big key that all goalies can take from how he played this situation was his early visual contact to shooter and his release of the puck.  The early visual lead probably allowed him to make his smart decision on staying up on the shot as long as possible and enabled him to get the leather on a rocket to the open side of the net.

Here is the save in all its glory!