Upcoming Events


Summer Skills Camp, Monday to Friday, August 5th to 9th,@ Cole Harbour Place, 800am to 400pm 


Powerskating and Edgework Session 9, Saturday, February 16th @ Bowles Arena 530pm to 630pm

Ambition Unlimited Session 9, Saturday, February 23rd @ Bowles Arena 530pm to 630pm


PD Day Camp, Friday, March 8th, @ Bowles Arena, 830am to 400 pm 


March Break Daily Session Camp, Monday to Friday, March 18th to 22nd,@ Bowles Arena, 900am to 1030am ICE TIME/Dryland Pending 


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Goalie Quote of the Week

A warrior is worthless unless he rises above others and stands strong in the midst of a storm." 

-Yamamoto Tsunetomo



Old Dogs On-Ice Seminar

Upper Echelon is offering an adult-only goalie series of clinic for new goalies and goalies that are looking for some formal training.  These one-off sessions will be held at Cole Harbour Place on Saturday mornings throughout the summer.  These sessions will touch on all the major fundamentals including footwork, stance, basic and advanced save techniques.  Later sessions will delve in multi-sequence drills that will highlight game tactics and strategies.  Many of the drills will start with the basics, but they will be run at a high level of speed with accomplished shooters.

If you are interested in attending, please email Todd to reserve a spot.  Only 12 goalies will be permitted.  The price will $50 a session.

Dates (Tentative)

June 7th, 730pm to 830am @ Cole Harbour Place Scotia #2


If you would like to be added to my Old Dogs list, please fill out the following...