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Ambition Unlimited Session 6, Saturday, December 15th @ Bowles Arena


PD Full Day Camp, Thursday, December 6th, @ Bowles Arena, 830am to 330 pm 


Two Day Tune-Up, Thursday * Friday, December 27th & 28th, @ Bowles Arena, 100pm to 300 pm 


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Goalie Quote of the Week

A warrior is worthless unless he rises above others and stands strong in the midst of a storm." 

-Yamamoto Tsunetomo



Upper Echelon Goaltending, over the past few years, has benefited from an amazing amount of support for its programs and its goaltender from both Pro Hockey Life (Dartmouth Crossing) and Vaughn Equipment (London, Ontario).  


Pro Hockey Life is our retail sponsor and is without equal in servicing goaltenders and their families trying to navigate the purchase of new gear in terms of sizing, fit, performance, and cost.  The Dartmouth Crossing head manager is Mark Painchaud who plays goalie, so he understands the demands of the modern goaltender and has an amazing wealth of knowledge about the newest development in the equipment industry.



Worlds best goalie gear!!Vaughn Equipment is the premier goalie equipment supplier to the NHL and pro elites for well over 30 years.  Current Stanley Cup winner, Matt Murray, uses Vaughn equipment throughout.  The biggest sign that Vaughn is a brand of champions is that goaltenders in the NHL that use their gear are NOT paid to do so, unlike other big-name brands.  Goaltenders in the NHL who wear Vaughn do so due to the unparalleled performance features of the gear, and the goalies also give up six-figure endorsement deals to wear Vaughn.  That is very, very telling.



As a result of this great support from these leaders in the goaltending equipment industry, Upper Echelon Goaltending is announcing its new "BANGER BUCKS" program.

For every dollar (pre HST) of goaltending product bought at Pro Hockey Life, Upper Echelon goaltenders will earn 2.5% in training coupons.  These training coupons can be used for any training camp or team package programs for 2017-18 hockey season (starting in September 2017 and running until 2018).

In addition, if the goaltender purchases Vaughn Equipment produced gear, they will earn an additional 2.5% for a potential 5% in value of BANGER BUCKS.


  1. Upper Echelon will honor any goaltending equipment purchase made from January 1st of 2017.
  2. Upper Echelon will also honor purchases made at other Pro Hockey Life locations throughout Canada or via their on-line/website sales.
  3.  A photocopy or legible computer scan of the Pro Hockey Life receipt that shows both the transaction number, date of transaction, and total amount of the transaction.
  4. This offer is only open to goaltenders that have used Upper Echelon's training programs (development camps, team packages, association development programs, or private training) from September 2016 to current date.
  5. BANGER BUCKS have no cash value and may only be redeemed for up to half the value of a development camp or team package purchase.
  6. Upper Echelon Goaltending reserves the right to refuse any redemption of BANGER BUCKS without explanation.
  7. TBA
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