Upcoming Events


PD Day Full Day Camp, May 18th, @ Dartmouth 4 Pad, 800am to 400pm 

 Old Dogs Adult Clinic, May 19th, @ CHP, 700am to 800am

Spring Saturday Session, May 19th, @ Dartmouth 4 Pad, 1000am to 1130am 


Spring Saturday Session, May 26th, @ Dartmouth 4 Pad, 1000am to 1130am 


UE's Summer Skills,Week 1, July 16th - 20th, @ Dartmouth 4 Pad, 800am to 400pm 

Impact Hockey Goaltending Camp, August 6th -10th, @ Grand-Falls, NFLD


UE's Summer Skills,Week 2, August 13th - 17th, @ Dartmouth 4 Pad, 800am to 400pm 

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Goalie Quote of the Week

A warrior is worthless unless he rises above others and stands strong in the midst of a storm." 

-Yamamoto Tsunetomo



In 2006, PAW Custom Hockey was started by Sara Marschand of Fort Wayne, Indiana to fill a huge hole in the hockey equipment market.  

While goalies will spend hours and hours planning their customized goalie pads or or gloves, they often force themselves into off-the-shelf accessories like knee guards, neck guards and jocks.  All these particular pieces of equipment are essential for protecting the high performance goalie, but in many cases they are very ill-fitting and, often times, ineffective or so uncomfortable that the goaltender eventually sticks the piece of equipment in the bottom of their goalie bag.

Sara has set up a high-end custom manufacturing facility that not only produces standard goalie equipment like leg pads and gloves, but  specializes in customized accessories.  Her customer service and knowledge of the needs and concerns of the modern goaltender make her a prime equipment resource for goalies that are unhappy with current options available for protective equipment.

Do you need a shortened neckguard?  Contact PAW

Do you need knee pads with special tie downs for your customized leg pads?  Contact PAW

Do you need a piece of padding cut to a certain size and shape to fit a gap in your chest protector?  Contact PAW

Do you have an equipment idea or tweak and need someone to bring the idea to life?  Contact PAW