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PD Day Full Day Camp, May 18th, @ Dartmouth 4 Pad, 800am to 400pm 

 Old Dogs Adult Clinic, May 19th, @ CHP, 700am to 800am

Spring Saturday Session, May 19th, @ Dartmouth 4 Pad, 1000am to 1130am 


Spring Saturday Session, May 26th, @ Dartmouth 4 Pad, 1000am to 1130am 


UE's Summer Skills,Week 1, July 16th - 20th, @ Dartmouth 4 Pad, 800am to 400pm 

Impact Hockey Goaltending Camp, August 6th -10th, @ Grand-Falls, NFLD


UE's Summer Skills,Week 2, August 13th - 17th, @ Dartmouth 4 Pad, 800am to 400pm 

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Goalie Quote of the Week

A warrior is worthless unless he rises above others and stands strong in the midst of a storm." 

-Yamamoto Tsunetomo


Sham Sweatbands

Upper Echelon received several samples of the Sham Sweatbands from Jim Purcell the owner and inventor to review.  I must say when you receive the bands, I was astounded at the quality of the product and very excited to give them a try.  They are as Jim advertises and more.  I know I will never go back to a terry-cloth sweatband again.  The only I wish was that I thought of this idea before Jim.


Sham Sweatbands stock sweatband provider to the NHL mask builders; ProTechSport (Reebok), Pro’s Choice and Cubberly.

This is a custom made sweatband. Made from only best materials, and sewn by a professional seamstress with 40 year experience this item is quality.

• The Original Sham Sweatbands Patent-Pending #7773455
• Best goalie mask sweatband on the market today.
• HGT (Head Gripping Technology) built right in. These Sweatbands do not get slippery when wet like terrycloth does.
• Special foam core has been tested to hold ¼ cup of water.
• Used at every level of the game. Sold Worldwide
• Just throw in washer and hang to dry NO dryer.
• Hand sewn in the USA

We offer 3 versions.

  • Original (Yellow) The one that started it all. Has a foam core that can hold 1/4 cup of water. This one the CHL Pro prefers and uses.
  • Thin (Blue) has the same great foam core as the original; just the material is a tad bit thinner.
  • *NEW* Extreme Thin (Yellow) original material with no foam core instead an extra piece of sham for the core.

There is no velcro needed as the “furry” enough to stick to the hook (rough) velcro found in most masks.

Upper Echelon Goaltending  has stock of original and thin versions of the Sham Sweatbands for $13.00 a unit. Please contact Todd if you are interested in purchasing.