Upcoming Events

Ambition Unlimited Winter Session 1, Saturday, October 19th @ East Coast Varsity Arena 800am to 900am


Footwork and Fundamentals Session, Saturday, October 26th,@ East Coast Varsity, 800am to 900am 



Weekly Summer Session, Saturday, June 22nd,@ Cole Harbour Place, 900am to 1000am 


Weekly Summer Session, Saturday, June 29th,@ Cole Harbour Place, 100pm to 200pm 

Ambition Unlimited Spring Session 6, Sunday, May 26th @ East Coast Varsity Arena 800am to 900am

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Goalie Quote of the Week

A warrior is worthless unless he rises above others and stands strong in the midst of a storm." 

-Yamamoto Tsunetomo


Team Training Session Packages (In-Season)

In order to help provide high level direct coaching for a pair of goalies, Upper Echelon offers their In-Season Training Packages for teams.  The training offers up-close on-ice drills, immediate feedback and correction and tailored support (or bridging drills) for the team’s goaltenders.  UE is willing to work the complete 50 minutes with the goalies on a one-to-two basis or help integrate goalie orientated skill and tactical drills for the whole team.  UE will also mentor an assistant coach at the same time in goaltending fundamentals and create a collection of bridging drills that will give that assistant coach a useful tool to continue the goalies’ training when UE is not present on the ice.

The package also includes an initial goalie assessment (after two on-ice sessions) that will outline for the coaching staff the current state of their goaltenders and their forecasted development arc.  After the 10 sessions are complete, a second post-package report will detail how and if the goalie met expectations and will present new objectives for development.  This written feedback will provide the foundation for continuous and guided development.

The package can be continued indefinitely with discounted add-on sessions to fill out the season.


  1. Ten team session practices (up to 50 minutes of goalie instruction during the team’s standard ice time.
  2. Two initial goalie assessments (Roadmap for Development)
  3. Ten bridging drill plans (for assistant coach)
  4. Two post-package goalie assessments (Meeting and Exceeding Expectations)

Cost:      $575 (taxes included) for CHBAMHA, DWMHA and ESMHA teams.  There may be additional gasoline charges for teams in outlying areas.