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A warrior is worthless unless he rises above others and stands strong in the midst of a storm." 

-Yamamoto Tsunetomo


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Pats and Congrats: DWMHA Midget AA Girls Win Gold at SEDMHA

UE Motto: Be a Warrior!It seems odd to be talking about SEDMHA in December, but the SEDMHA organizers have moved the female division's tournament to the part way through the 2014-15 season.  I think it is a great idea and due to the shortage of rinks in Dartmouth, the entire tournament was held in the BMO Center in Bedford. 

Even though many of my female teams were not playing in their natural "home" rinks, the girls at all age categories performed at the highest level and help net Dartmouth/Cole Harbour associations a neck-full of hardware.

My first shout out goes to a couple of young ladies that have been workhorses for their associations for years: Dana Melanson of the Whalers and CPA, and Nicole Lowe of the Wings and Auburn High.  Both girls play a ton of games for their high school teams and have shared duties with the Midget AA girls over the last two years.

They continue to reap the results of hard work and they netted themselves another gold medal for the trophy case by winning it all at their home tournament, the SEDMHA Honda for 2014.  Not much more to say and I'll let the numbers speak for themselves.  Even though both girls are coming off long injuries, they totally nailed it by allowing only four goals against in four games, and even pitching back-to-back shutouts in the semi-finals and finals.  

I couldn't be prouder of these two tendies.  They're both dedicated to the craft!

Gentle smiles with eyes as hard as coffin nails!


Pats and Congrats: Nicole Lowe and Auburn High School Girls at the Moncton Classic

UE Motto: Be a Warrior!!Here is another great achievement from one of the most exceptional female goalies that I have had a privilege to work with.  Nicole Lowe helped propel her team to the Costal Inn Championship at the Moncton High School Hockey Classic in early January.

One of the deeper tournaments prior to provincials, the Moncton HS Hockey Classic brings several teams together from New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.  Nicole, who is the only goalie on her team, played all five games over the weekend.  She went 1-2 in the round robin portion of the tournament against a pair of NB powerhouses.  With Auburn moved to the Coastal Inn division, Nicole pitched two shutouts, one in the semi-finals and one in the finals.  The semi-finals was in particularly spectacular where Nicole had a 1-0 shutout with 50 saves.  She carried that momentum into the finals, winning it with her team 2-0 over Leo Hayes High School.  The team was absolutely beaming with the results.

Nicole and Auburn High School Girls bring home the hardware! I cannot begin say enough about Nicole.  She is a goalie that has looked and worked for the long term in her hockey career.  As I have said to many a goalie, that your career, like you life, is written in chapters.  You cannot let a bad chapter be the theme for the entire book.  Nicole has had ups and downs during the five plus years that we have worked together, but she definitely has never been kept down by some of the bias against her (most related to size).

She has worked with the limits of her physical stature to develop in one of the most complete goaltenders I know.  She now makes things look effortless and takes a very intellectual approach to the game.  Rarely does she put herself in a bad position to have to make crazy second or third saves.  This "control goaltending" comes from her positioning, movement, fearlessness, and patience.  I really hope to see her continue to develop and write bigger and better chapters to her goalie-life-story.

Way to go Nicole!!

Nicole working the tip drill during the Two Day Tune-up in December



Pats and Congrats: King's EdgeHill Goalies - Peggy and Kate


This entry is very dated, but I'm trying to catch up with all my past season's Pats'n'Congrats for all the great teams and goalies with whom I had the priviledge to work.  The spring has just turned out busier than I expected.

I need to make a shout-out to two great goalies that helped deliver the first ever High School Provincial Female Hockey Championship for King's EdgeHill.  I was called in to head up to Windsor on a regular basis to work and assist with the school's goalies (both female and male programs).  Here I had an opportunity to meet and work with two very good and dedicated goalies: Peggy Yoston and  Katrina "Kate" Nikonova.

The young ladies were totally new to me, as Peggy is from P.E.I. and Kate is from Russia.   They both were already well established and skilled goalies that had well deserved reputations as members of King's EdgeHill's elite hockey program.  But even so, I rarely have found two goalies so willing to work hard and be receptive to new ideas, drills, and challenges.  And the proof is in the pudding, they lead their team to both league and tournament championships, capped off with a provincial title, the first ever for the King's EdgeHill female hockey program.

Way to go girls!  I hope to have the chance to keep working with you in the seasons to come.


Pats and Congrats to Hawk's Pee Wee A Girls Goalie, Kate W., for Winning Silver at Provincials

Here is a storybook season.  Mid-summer of 2012, I had a father approach me via a mutual acquaintance.  He was looking for some goalie training for his young daughter who was just taking up the position for the first time.  We were able to get her into our Summer Skills clinic at Cole Harbour even though they had to come in from South Shore.

Anyways, Kate was totally raw.  She had almost no experience in even wearing her equipment let alone moving and executing any save techniques.  She stuck it through for the full 20 hours of ice and 8 hours of dryland.  Her feet were probably covered in blisters and she dragged herself home exhausted every night.

But she always came back the next morning and never missed a session.  She got a lot of individual attention from our assistant instructors, Dana and Nicole, that kept her motivated and smiling.  While she was shy and little timid of the puck earlier on, I would have definitely pegged her as a brave and strong-willed girl.

Fast forward now eight months later, and Kate received her silver medal at provincials in Cape Breton last week.  That she would catapult herself so far, so quickly was beyond anything that I could have predicted.  Hopefully, this season has sealed her passion for the sport and the position of goalie.  And I look forward to seeing what the future holds for her.

Great job, Kate!!


Pats and Congrats to the Whalers Midget AA Girls for Gold Medal In Antigonish

Great tournament weekend for Nicole, Upper Echelon assistant instructor and longtime student, and her hardworking bunch of girls.  They grabbed the championship at the Bergengren Credit Union Female Hockey Challenge in Antigonish this past Super Bowl weekend.

The team came through the tournament with a 3-1-1 record and Nicole was clutch when it mattered the most.  Facing a do-or-die situation in the semi-finals versus the Valley, Nicole pitched a 38 save shut-out performance to allow her girls win the game with a single goal on 9 shots.  Not finished with putting her stamp on the weekend, Nicole went on to give up only 1 goal in the finals for a rock-solid 2-1 victory versus their cross-town rival, TASA/Chebucto.

Nicole, while soft spoken, likes to let her play do her speaking for her.  Being the only goalie on her Midget AA team and the starter for the Auburn Girls High School team, she has been carrying a huge workload all season long, but this late season tournament result shows that she is willing and capable of great things.  Way to go, Nicole!  And way to go, gals!